Les Artisans De Genève La Montoya Rolex Daytona Watch

It turns out that Montoya, who succeeded in Formula 1 racing, NASCAR and IndyCar, is a big fan of Rolex Daytona. If you win a couple through the game, you will also succeed. Montoya won Rolex Replica 24 times, and each time a Rolex Daytona celebrates and commemorates his victory. In general, Montoya said that he has about seven or eight Rolex Daytona, but what he really wants is a different Daytona. This is where Les Artisans DeGenève comes in.

The internal 4130 movement has been completely emptied and visible through the sapphire case back, which is another modification to the watch. The entire movement was disassembled, hollowed out and finished by hand so that the bridge now has a manual beveled edge. The basic structure still exists, such as column wheels, and certain features unique to Rolex Replica Watches, such as red anodized wheels. The rotor was also replaced with a rotor made of 22k gray gold. This is a unique choice for rotor materials, but I must say that the rotor design reminds me of some Miyotas design.

If you’ve always thought of adding Daytona to a series, but found it to be boring or dull, then La Montoya might be an antidote. Overall, I found the modifications to be tasteful and the final product was very attractive and interesting. Inspired by Juan Pablo Montoya, La Montoya is widely regarded as one of the world’s top racers. Les Artisans DeGenève LaMontoya Swiss Rolex Watches Daytona is limited to 50 pieces, priced at 42,260 euros.